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Neomedix Consumables recommends the use of single use patient catheters and other consumables when undertaking patient diagnostic studies or tests.

Use of the Neopress Perfusion System may, subject to approval and authorisation from the end-user's Infection Control Authority, allow certain non-patient contact items such as disposable transducer domes and perfusion sets to be replaced after each testing session and NOT after each individual patient test. The Neopress Perfusion System when used as recommended by Neomedix Systems Pty Ltd, provides for a continuous positive pressure perfusion from an external pressure source. When used in this configuration retrograde flow is not possible.

As Neomedix Consumables is unable to monitor each individual patient test or study undertaken by the end user, Neomedix Consumables therefore accepts no liability for consequences relating to patient infection control procedures implemented by the end user.

Any disputes that might arise in relation to this disclaimer and that are not able to be resolved amicably, will be governed by Australian laws in the state of New South Wales.