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Clinical Information

For the full clinical guide, equipment set-up charts and user's manuals for the Neomedix Acquidata, please Click on Neomedix Systems to connect you directly onto their website.  The Neomedix Systems website ( will provide you with access to a cd-rom or ability to download Adobe Acrobat documents for the following: 

Clinical guide containing diagrams for pressure transducer and catheter set ups, an overview of a urodynamics test, as well as calibration, sterilisation and cleaning procedures.

Below is a summary of the transducer set up for your convenience.

Summary of the transducer set-up

  • Fitting the cartridge dome to the 960 Transducer.
  • Squeeze right side of dome and slide dome down onto Transducer plate from the top.  
  • Please note dome cannot be connected from the bottom of the plate.
Transducer Set Up
  • Connect pole clamp to IV pole.
  • Attach transducer mount onto the pole clamp. 
  • Connect transducer plate onto the transducer mount by twisting lever on top of transducer mount. 
  • Slide transducer dome down onto the transducer as described above
  • Connect cables into the bottom of the transducer as shown in the diagram and cable can then be plugged directly into the Acquidata front panel.
Transducer Set Up

Educational Resources

To access educational resources and clinical patient information we have included several helpful links for our customers and continence patients.