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Neomedix Consumables
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About Us

Kirkwall Australia Pty. Ltd. ABN 35 082 177 231 Trading as
Neomedix Consumables is a supplier of medical consumables and associated products for use mainly in the fields of Urology, UroGynaecology and Gastroenterology when undertaking patient diagnostic studies, patient testing procedures and patient continence management.

We source and stock a wide range of high quality, cost effective consumables and associated products for distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Our main product range includes Hydrophilic Intermittent Self-Catheters, Pressure Cuffs, Perfusion Sets, Filling Catheters, Pressure Catheters, Transducers, Disposable Transducer Domes/Cartridges and Cables that can be specifically matched to your brand of Diagnostic Equipment.

Mission Statement

  • Provide a high level of service and customer support.
  • Supply high quality consumables that provide consistently accurate test results and easy to use products.
  • Competitively priced consumables.
  • Quick and easy placement of Customer Purchase Orders - processed for quick delivery.
  • Neomedix Consumables aims to be the preferred supplier of a range of medical consumables for use with the Neomedix Systems Acquidata, Maxim and other brands of diagnostic medical equipment.
  • To source new or difficult to find medical consumables to meet customer needs.



Neomedix Systems Pty Ltd was founded in 1977 following the purchase by Tony Wynter of Devices Pty Ltd from the Johnson and Johnson Company. Neomedix Systems Pty Ltd has for over 30 years successfully manufactured and distributed a range of innovative medical and physiology diagnostic equipment in Australia, New Zealand and select international countries. 

Today Neomedix Systems Pty Ltd manufactures computerised Urodynamics equipment for the diagnosis and treatment for incontinence while marketing and distributing a range of ‘high-end’ medical and physiology devices in the areas of Continuous Cardiac Output, Esophageal Motility and Moxus® O2 & CO2 gas analysis equipment. 

During 2008 Neomedix Systems Pty Ltd was split into two separate entities.

Neomedix Systems Pty Ltd continues to market and support a range of ‘high- end’ medical diagnostic equipment in Australia and internationally. The Neomedix Systems Pty Ltd Acquidata range of Urodynamics equipment is the preferred Urodynamics System for Urologists and Uro-gynaecologists in Australia and New Zealand.

Neomedix Consumables distributes consumables and other associated products that are used by Urologists, Urogynaecologists and Gastroenterologists, Continence Patients and Continence Healthcare Providers in Australia and New Zealand.

Our focused approach allows Neomedix Consumables to provide high quality consumables that achieve consistently accurate test results and are easy to use. Our high level of service gives customers cost effective, high quality products with efficient and quick delivery times.

While being a separate legal entity Neomedix Consumables maintains a close affiliation with Neomedix Systems Pty Ltd. to best ensure that our customers receive the highest level of customer support and product solutions to meet their existing and future product and services needs.

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