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Our range of urodynamics and medical consumables includes clear cuff Pressure Infusors, Perfusion Sets, Transducers, Domes, and a wide range of filling and Pressure Catheters.

These quality consumables have been selected to provide a high quality cost effective solution to the supply and use of consumables when undertaking Urodynamics Uro-Gynaecological and Gastroenterology patient studies. These consumables have been specifically selected to be used with the Neomedix Systems Acquidata range of diagnostic equipment, but can also be used on most other brands of urodynamics diagnostic equipment.

The team at Neomedix Consumables will ensure that once your order has been received it will be quickly and efficiently shipped.


Transducer Domes

Purchasing Recommendation
When ordering Transducer domes for the MX860 Novatrans II reusable transducer, we recommend you order the MX858 Novatrans II disposable transducer domes with male/male swivel luer lock.  

The MX848 disposable transducer dome with female/male luer lock requires a MX493 adapter to allow for male/male connection.  The MX858 disposable transducer domes will save you time and money.

Released Feb 09

NeoPress Perfusion System for fast response fluid filled multi-lumen catheters

The NeoPress Perfusion System is a cost effective positive pressure perfusion system for use with the Neomedix Consumables range of fluid filled catheters.  This system provides continuous positive pressure perfusion from an external pressure source in excess of 150 cm of H2O through patient connected catheters.

Electrically powered peristatic and syringe pump techniques, traditionally used to actively perfuse for example the urethral lumen in these catheters, has been expensive, baselines generated are ‘noisy’, and are often poor at faithfully following the ‘fast’ rise times of a cough pressure transient.

The Neomedix NeoPress Perfusion System is:

  • Less expensive than electrically powered peristatic and syringe pumps
  • Continuous positive pressure source in excess of 150cm of H2O means retrograde flow is not possible and therefore the NeoPress System allows the end user to implement and maintain an effective infection control regime.
  • Non-patient contact items such as transducer domes and perfusion kits are normally replaced following each patient test can now, subject to approval from the end users infection control authority, be changed at the end of each session providing substantial cost savings and simplifying equipment test set-up procedures
  • Using the NeoPress Perfusion System will result in an extremely cost effective, sensitive, ‘noise’ free, Pura waveform presentation. With faithfully reproduced intra-abdominal pressure transients, particularly where cough pressures and their subtraction are recorded.

Released 1 Feb 09

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